2 Reply post required for below Discussion post of 250 words each

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Post 1

Role of end-users in incident reporting :

Role of end-users in incident handling is very crucial as end-users are the person or employees who actually use the application or the products developed by the organization. End users are the persons who deal with the developed system on a daily basis to complete their work. End users can look for any uncommon activity or any irregular activities in the systems they are using. They are the most valuable people in early detection of any incident and its reporting to the higher officials. They are first persons who can actually feel of any system irregularities and can see that while it is happening or recently the incident happened. They should be able to check the system proper functionalities and use the software called intrusion detection to look for any malware virus in the application. If they notice any virus activity in the application used by them they should immediately report this to the next level of the officers for the appropriate actions. It is also their responsibility to report any unusual activity immediately without delay to the higher officials for the immediate actions to secure the application used by the organization (Finch, 2019).

Should end-users be encouraged to report suspicious occurrences? If so, why; if not, why not.

End-users must be encouraged for an immediate report of any unusual and suspicious incident occurrences to the higher officials or directly to the incident management team. End users should be encouraged as they are the first persons who can see and observe any irregularity or any suspicious activity in the systems. Each and every organization now days have an incident management team who takes care of any unusual activities to the organization’s network and computers or the software. Incident response teams play a very important role in handling an incident and working t resolve the issue. So each end-user should be provided a compulsory training on a regular basis on the usage of the Intrusion detection software by themselves and the procedure of reporting any suspicious activities directly to the incident response team.

Typical factors that influence end-users to report an incident :

There are some factors or reasons which influences the end-users decision to report an incident or not. Two main factors are end-users personal interest and responsibility feeling and the organization’s strict policies to rewards the users who report any important incident. For example, if the end-user reports an incident to the incident response team and incident response team did not take the case seriously and ignores the issue raised by the end-user. This kind of occurrence will make the end-users demotivated and not interested in following up on the issue raised by them. If on the other hand if an end-user reports an incident and the incident response team start working on it and keep a follow up with the end-user by asking the additional details of the incident and the solution for the issue. Other case is when an end-user when reporting an incident gets some kind of reward or additional benefits they fell interested and more vigilant about any suspicious activities on the system (Katerina, 2014) – Aruna Yadav

Post 2

Incident Reporting is very important because it need to come across to people because sometime it is hard to manage and hard to report incident for higher level of people. End users are most vital part of the reported incident. They are witnesses to the incident being reported. he other factor is that the clients must be advised before itself to report if any suspicious occurrences happen, to comprehend it instead of disregard it. The end-clients who express the occasions to the higher authorities must give precise data. Else, it might influence the end-clients harshly. On the off chance that the proper data isn’t given to the association by the end-clients, at that point there will be a ton of dangers to be looked by, end-clients themselves.

However the users should understand that the emergency team will have limited bandwidth and the time they are investigating the false positive report they are not working on a real emergency. End users are also hesitant to report any incident which may victimize their peers, they believe it could cause a more hostile workplace in case their peer finds out. If the users who reported the false positive suspicious activity receive any negative feedback because of their reporting they will be discouraged to report such activity in the future. Anonymously reported incidents are hard to follow up and track down in case there is additional information required to resolve the incident. It is a decent practice to prepare the end clients on occurrence announcing as the vast majority of the end clients don’t think about the hazard the board, which can make a postponement in episode revealing. Circumstance can be controlled when reacting to the episode as quickly as time permits is significant.

The study of horticultural factors influencing incident reporting stated that nurses and physicians have noted that there are so many variations of self-reporting and peer-reporting that it becomes incredibly hard for to observe patterns and trends. Occurrence supervisory group ought to have a profoundly talented and proficient part to deal with all sort of episodes and the group should gather all the data from the finishes clients when after the episode happened can maintain a strategic distance from any disarray in the association. It is imperative to make appropriate strides and pursue very much spread out techniques. There is a great deal of significant worth in end-client episode reports and substances ought to guarantee that most extreme potential is accomplished out of it.

Examining it bit by bit for example readiness, distinguishing proof, regulation, annihilation, recuperation and future strides to persevere through that it doesn’t occur again goes far to proficiently settling occurrences simultaneously acquiring the most extreme yield from clients. There are a few factors by which the end-clients will report the episodes which happen in the association inside or remotely. The end-clients ought to advise the occasions to advance the way of life of the association – Manush Desai


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