4-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Impact on Nursing Issues. This milestone focuses on the impact of legal and ethical implications, financial aspects, patient care outcomes, and nursing safety challenges on the professional nursing practice issue that you chose in Milestone One.Make sure to address all parts of this Milestone:Legal Implications.Examine the legal implications of the issue on licensure and professional nursing practice.Ethical Implications. Analyze the ethical implications of the issue on professional nursing practice.Finance Assess the relationship between the issue and aspects of finance within the healthcare systems.Quality Patient Care Explain how the issue improves or hinders the delivery of quality patient care. Nursing Safety Challenges. Articulate the nursing safety challenges associated with the nursing issue.Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be a Word document approximately 2–3 pages in length (not including title and reference pages)

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Use the 4-2 Milestone 2 Example as a Template for your submission (attached to this announcement). Make sure to adequately cover ALL of the critical elements in the Rubric. Legal Implications Ethical Implications Finance Quality Patient Care Nursing Safety Challenges DO NOT USE first person words like “I,” “You,” and “We.” Use at least three evidence-based peer-reviewed journal articles to support your statements. Make sure references are current (within the last five years). Use paraphrasing instead of direct quotes. Complete your Milestone Two in a Word Document. (Use the 4-2 Milestone 2 Example as a Template).Make sure to address all parts of this discussion: Identify two professional nursing practice issues or problems that impact the delivery of nursing care: one local or domestic, and one global. Which provision(s) of the American Nurses Association (2015) Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements are affected by these nursing practice issues? Respond substantively to at least two other students. Comment on the issues identified by others and the provisions affected by the selected issues. If you can offer assistance or address their concerns or questions, use this opportunity to do so. Answers must be evidence-based and include sources in APA format. (not including title and reference pages) and should be formatting using proper APA publication format. This submission should include at least three evidence-based references published within the last five years. The profession issue for milestone 2 that i chose is included below.

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