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For this assignment, you will write a argumentative in which you research two social media platforms. After evaluating these platforms, you will determine which one you think is more successful. You can define successful as user-friendly, most advantageous, best overall, etc. Ultimately, you are persuading your reader that one platform is better than the other. You must choose a side. 

· Imagine that your intended audience are people who are wary of social media, and/or may be new to social media.

o How the platform was created, the purpose(s) of the platform, the visual layout, method(s) of communication (real-time, asynchronous posts, video, text, images, etc.), employment opportunities, frequency of advertisements on the platform, associated costs, privacy concerns (user data tracking, etc.), accessibility (for differently abled), the ways the platform can be accessed (devices or means), user complaints/concerns, global reach (Where is it used?), popularity (active users), user demographics, how the platform has changed over time, etc. 

· Students are encouraged to identify and discredit at least one opposing point of view, if applicable. 

· Write a direct thesis in which you state your position (which platform is most successful) and list your reasons. Keep in mind that the body paragraphs should reflect the order of the reasons listed in the thesis. 


Argumentative Prewriting 

1. Which TWO social media platforms are you planning to write about? Why do these platforms appeal to you? What prior knowledge (if any) do you have about these platforms? 



Youtube appeals to me since there are a lot of things that I managed to learn and am still learning through it. There is a lot of entertainment that facebook comes with. the prior knowledge that I have about Facebook is that it allows users who get to sign up for free profiles to connect with friends. Facebook also provides its users with the ability to share out pictures, videos, articles, and music. The prior knowledge that I have about youtube is that it provides people to upload any kind of content that they think is appropriate to them considering it is clean content. 


1. State at least THREE subtopics that you plan to research for these social media platforms. Examples are available on the writing prompt. Content creating 

1. Content posting 

1. Content sharing 


1. Conduct some preliminary research in which you find four sources for this assignment. Write the Works Cited/Reference citations for the sources that appear within the essay. 
You should have at least one source for each subtopic. You may also wish to include some background information about the social media platforms you chose. 


  Works Cited

1. Artanti, Yessy. “Online Content Sharing Behavior: A Review on the Social Psychology Perspective.” Proceedings of the 2nd International Research Conference on Economics and Business, 2018.

2. Evia, Carlos. “Creating Intelligent Content with Lightweight DITA.” 2018.

3. “posting.” SpringerReference,

4. Rawalai, Viliame. “Social Media Platforms for Construction Project Management.”

5. Stockman, J.A. “Online Posting of Unprofessional Content by Medical Students.” Yearbook of Pediatrics, vol. 2012, 2012, pp. 319-321.

1. How are you defining the “most successful” social media platform? (Most versatile platform, most user-friendly platform, most accessible, best overall, etc.) Why have you chosen this approach for your paper?

The best way of defining the most successful social media platforms is through setting up goals. Through setting goals it will always be easier when it comes to decision making. 

1. Based on your preliminary research, which social media platform do you think is more successful in each category? Explain your answer. 


a. Subtopic #1: 

i. Most Successful Platform: the most successful platform is youtube. 

i. Why? The reason behind this is all because through Twitter that is where a lot of essential, educative, and updated information one can get. 

a. Subtopic #2:

i. Most Successful Platform: twitter 

i. Why? Through Twitter, people get the opportunity of posting any kind of content that they wish to post especially when one is expressing his or her opinions. 


a. Subtopic #3:

i. Most Successful Platform: Facebook 

i. Why? Facebook provides its users with the capability of sharing any form of content from one user to the next one. 

1. Below, write a thesis for this topic. (Remember to include your judgment and subtopics.)

 Social medial platforms play a very huge role especially when might be thinking of sharing out information with the public.

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