Arizona State University Environmental Science Discussion

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In Chapters 22 and 23 of your textbook, the author discussed the energy crisis that was inflicting the United States back in 2008. As I mentioned in class, some experts feel that we are once again (2021-2022) in another energy crisis in the United States. In both situations, while the root causes of the crises may be slightly different, the result is very similar. There is a shortage of energy resources. It is inflicting economic harm and instability on the lives of citizens.

In 2008, there were some events that eventually led to the relaxation of that instability, and the United States eventually climbed out of a recession. But one of the questions of this discussion is whether those events really helped that energy crisis. What do you think? Do you think the United States could have done things differently in 2008 that would have helped prevent our current energy crisis? What can we do now to help alleviate the current energy crisis?

Keep in mind that any solutions to the current energy crisis may not be adequate to deal with what some experts believe is a far more dire situation. According to the experts, all life, as we know it on planet Earth, is about to go through some major dramatic changes. Most experts, indeed, believe that those changes are already under way. What are those changes? How do they relate to the energy crisis? What can we do to address both issues and create a sustainable future?

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