Arizona State University Seismic Hazards Environmental Science Essay

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  • Composed in Word or Google Docs
  • 500-600 words (about 2 pp.) in length
  • Refers to (and properly cite, in CSE author-year format) at least one peer-reviewed or grey literature article found using the library’s resources[1]


You should expect to get full credit for a thoughtful reflection that involves your own critical thought: it should go beyond summarizing the speaker’s presentation or the article you found.

Thematically, reflections should focus on your engagement with ideas from the seminars. While it’s OK to voice your opinions about the presentation (“I liked/didn’t like it”) or your experience understanding it (“it was hard for me to understand”), these shouldn’t be the focus of your reflection.

Here are some questions to spur your thinking:

  1. What are the societal implications of the speaker’s work?
  2. How is the speaker’s way of doing science similar to or different from what you already knew about science?
  3. How does the speaker’s presentation relate to your own interests?
  4. Did you learn anything from the speaker that might inform your own career choices?
  5. Does the issue that the speaker presented impact you or anyone that you know? How?
  6. How does the speaker address equity and justice in their work? How does that resonate with you?
  7. Is there a personal action you could take to improve how this issue is addressed? If so, will you? Why or why not?
  8. What can you take away from the speaker’s style or technique of presenting?
  9. If you got to ask the speaker some more questions, what would you ask? And why?

… but feel free to come up with questions of your own if these don’t address ideas that you saw as important in the speaker’s work.

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