Assessment 4: Demonstrate when, how, and why to support your writing with appropriate research.

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In this assessment, you will share your knowledge and expertise to write a set of instructions demonstrating your ability to understand why and when to use and give credit to sources to support a writer’s ideas. The assessment will also allow you to demonstrate the ability to apply Standard American English to communicate in a team setting with professional integrity and respect.

You will often need to work as part of a team in academic and professional contexts. Imagine, then, that you have been asked to collaborate with and mentor a fellow student in your field of study who is struggling with researching and integrating sources on a topic for a formal academic essay assignment in a College Composition I classroom. The student has been assigned to write a paper on a controversial issue in his or her field of study, which is the same field of study you are currently studying.


Select a controversial issue in your field of study (an example might be the use of body cameras for law enforcement officers if you are in law enforcement studies or the increase in number and intensity of forest fires if you are studying fire science).

Then locate 4 relevant and reliable peer reviewed secondary sources from the internet that you think this student could integrate into his or her paper to support and validate ideas. Explain briefly how you located the sources and why they are reliable and relevant.

Explain why integrating and giving credit to sources are both necessary in this writing situation and clarify how using these specific sources you have chosen might be valuable in helping the classmate to write a strong academic essay. Be sure to explain to your audience how integrating sources effectively can help a writer establish and maintain professional integrity and respect.

Next, show the classmate how two of the sources you identified could be integrated into a paragraph within the essay and demonstrate to the classmate how to paraphrase and provide in-text citations for these 2 sources, both to avoid issues with plagiarism and to communicate these sources’ ideas with professional integrity and respect.

Then include a 6th edition APA References page citation for all 4 sources and explain to your classmate why the sources are cited the way they are.

Make sure your instructions demonstrate to your classmate the importance of honesty and integrity when using and citing sources and how applying the knowledge of others can contribute to this student’s writing success. If you use any sources to support your own claims about finding, integrating, and citing sources, you must demonstrate your own honesty and integrity by citing them both in-text and in a References page.

Be sure your ideas are organized and professional in tone. Your submission should also demonstrate 6th edition APA formatting and should be at least 3 pages, double spaced, excluding the title page and the References page.

Minimum Submission Requirements

  • 2 ½–3 pages, double spaced, excluding title page and references page
  • APA format
  • Four relevant, reliable, peer-reviewed secondary sources included

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