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Answer all of the questions. Write a 2 to 3 paragraph response for the each question. Please make sure you provide detail answers, in complete sentences. Do not copy verbatim from the textbook but please respond to the question in your own words. If you cite, please give credit by properly citing your work. Do not repeat the question, use an APA heading to identify each question.

  1. What is meant by: individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity/femininity, time orientation, and fatalism (locus of control)? How might each play a role influencing leadership?
  2. What does the concept “substitutes for leadership” mean?
  3. Distinguish between neutralizers and substitutes in leadership.
  4. Explain role ambiguity in terms of supportive leader behavior.
  5. Describe what occurs in a relationship between a follower and a leader who share a charismatic relationship.
  6. What are the consequences of charismatic relationships? Explain and give examples of each
  7. What is transformational leadership? What are the different dimensions of transformational leadership
  8. What individual and group outcomes stem from transformational leadership?
  9. What is Machiavellianism? What are the dangers associated with leaders who have a strong Machiavellian orientation


1.How does conformity help a leader to be promoted within an organization?

2.At what point would an employee be terminated? This is a very important topic?

3. why are employees underpaid? Why do most companies pay less?

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