AU Hazardous Material and Industrial Safety Earthquake Case

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Planning An Incident Response :

  • January 19th at 23:00 PM (Local), an earthquake, magnitude 3.5, is experienced with an epi-center 5 miles from the response location. This is an unusual occurrence, with no prior recorded earthquakes in this area in recorded history.
  • NDJ is an industrial concern in your county that has experienced significant impact from this event.
  • NDJ processes industrial (electronics and specialty) and medical gases.
  • As a result of the earthquake, several explosions were experienced in the plant.
  • Eight (8) employees remain unaccounted for at the present time.
  • It’s a moonless night at 23:15 local.
  • Temperature at 1.7 (C)/35(F)/humidity 50%
  • Winds are from the West, at 5-7 mph

◦Gusts up to 25 mph

  • There is a odor of rotten eggs in the area downwind from the plant.
  • Several employee who escaped are experiencing burning eyes and throats, and appear confused.
  • The first medic unit reports 3 patients with symptoms of pulmonary
  • Attempts to locate a Responsible Agent for the plant are frustrated by the failure of telephone and data lines. Cell phone network is crashing, though you have “Public Service Priority” on your phones. NDJ-Registered Products :
  • CAS 7783-61-1
  • CAS 13465-84-4
  • CAS 10026-04-7
  • CAS 7664-41-7
  • CAS 7440-37-1
  • CAS 10294-34-5
  • CAS 7637-07-2
  • CAS 7784-42-1
  • CAS 124-38-9
  • CAS 630-08-0
  • CAS 7782-50-5
  • CAS 2551-62-4
  • CAS 7803-62-5
  • CAS 7803-51-2
  • CAS 7782-44-7
  • CAS 10024-97-1
  • CAS 7664-39-3
  • CAS 76-19-7


1- After performing an analysis of the hazard from the potential and probable chemical releases, how many exposures could be potentially saved with a ten man HMRT supported by 3 engine and 2 ladder companies?

2- With your analysis of the incident, how would you go about formulating response objectives

3- What are your initial response objectives?

4- How would you assess risk to each entrant if a rescue of the ‘down employees” is considered tenable?

5- Presuming you opt to perform a search/rescue mission, what options would you suggest to accomplish the objective of a safe evacuation of viable victims?

6- Describe the prioritization of medical care and removal of victims from the hazard area relative to exposure and contamination?

7- What PPE would you require of your entrant and RIT (Rapid Intervention Team, rescuer’s rescuers) members ?

8- What decontamination plans do you have?

9- What medical treatment plan do you have?

10- Develop an incident action plan, including site safety and control plan?

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