Auburn University Impact on Global Biodiversity Discussion

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Questions are developed using the textbook information and the current COVID19 reality. Questions are also evolving from chapters 1 to 6. Thus, utilizing the textbook, online documents, other supported journals, and published research articles answer FOUR (4) questions out of SEVEN.

  1. Do you believe the impact on global biodiversity is not the result of population size? Explain your response with convincing examples and evidence.
  2. In your view, what is the most compelling piece of evidence(s) that high biodiversity conservation is prudent in western science/culture or the traditional community practices?
  3. Considering the growing and substantial urbanization in most developed nations, (Click this link: describe the pros and cons of the future ecosystem’s functions and it’s fundamentals: such as photosynthesis by bacteria, algae, plankton, plants, atmospheric oxygen, the creation of the air that we breathe, and the supply and distribution of the water that we drink?
  4. Do you believe that human activities have adversely modified the hydrological cycle? If so, how will this change in the hydrological cycle transform the biological nature of forest, lakes, rivers, and wetlands and lives in biota? Tie your answers with government environmental regulations.
  5. “Future generations will not run out of fauna, flora, and friendly ecosystem. Thus, the current generation should not worry too much about this matter.” Answer this statement with your most compelling piece of evidence
  6. “COVID19 will produce a NEW NORMAL LIFESTYLE with a more conservation mindset among the global population.” Take a closer look at this statement by looking at the current societal oversights on the environment-human relationship.
  7. Lessons learned from CIVID19: Did we learn something from this global pandemic? If so, how will this help the “Conservation Biology for All?”

Note: The origin of the coronavirus is not in Wuhan, China. This is unproven. Do not use it in your answer.

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