Barry University Calculating Carbon Emissions Compensation Lab Report

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In the word document.

the first page

estimating carbon in the emissions from my vehicle.

You will be able to find my vehicle’s numbers and how I calculated it.

In second page.

Estimated Wood Volume

For the method section, you need to write what happened in the class which I am going to tell you now. We went on campus to measure three Oak trees for each group, we were given a meter measuring tool and tangent height gauge clinometer. We measured the height of the tree using tangent height gauge clinometer then we measured the width of the tree using the measuring tool. We also calculated the radius by dividing the width with 2 (width/2).

Then, we calculate the Volume using this equation: V = (h * π) * r2

Then, we calculate the mass of the tree by using this equation: Volume X 1240 kg/m3.

Then, we calculate the MASS OF CARBON IN THE TREE: Mass X 0.375


In the third page

Close the Loop on Carbon

You will be able to find all the numbers and how I calculated it.

The report should include the four sections of Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion, and each of those sections should include the types of things you have done before– a general overview of the big ideas which lead you to the specific hypotheses for this study. The site description, field methods, and data manipulations should be described in the Methods. The results are the outcomes of your calculations, which probably do NOT need to be presented in any graphs, but should be described in coherent sentences. The discussion should summarize those results and take the topic back out to the big idea. At least two properly cited references are required.

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