BIOL 1230 GNTC Species Gallus Gallus Domesticus Environmental Biology Discussion

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Take a photograph of  a species-species interaction (i.e. showing TWO species actually interacting – not just co-existing; such as a plant and its pollinator) and post them here. Make sure that the photo clearly shows two different species (excluding humans) interacting with each other in a natural environment. This might be a plant-pollinator interaction, a predator prey interaction, or some other type of species interaction that you observe and document in nature. The photos should very clearly show each of the two species and document their interaction with each other. Include your GS Eagle ID card in the corner of the photo to verify that you took the photo. These must be your original photos – not something you find on the internet.

Upload your photo in the discussion (using the insert image icon) and label the photo with the following:

1) species names or common names of BOTH species if you know them
2) the type of species interaction you have documented (competition, mutualism, herbivory, parasitism, predation, or commensalism)
3) the effect of each species on the other: ++, +-, +0 or — interaction (as discussed in the species interaction table in M3L1).
4) the location in which your photo was taken

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