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I need help to do my disscoshion

This week you will be reading the ” Case in Review” page 401-402.

Case in Review:

As you begin to work with your three clients, it is important to describe the stabilization level and to explain how phase 1 will be used to help them reach their fitness goals. Regardless of each client’s abilities or previous experience with exercise, you explain the role that stabilization plays as you progress to higher levels of the OPT model. The following are examples of how you would approach each client identified within the case scenario:

  1. a) Roderick, The bodybuilding client (page 401)
  2. b) Mary, the weight loss client (page 402)
  3. c) Ashely, the marathon client (page 402)

and i need u to do just comment for this discussion

1- Roderick is a bodybuilder and would like to build more muscle. I would tell him that Phase 1 is important because muscle symmetry is important in bodybuilding and activating the correct muscles and establishing a good base is important before building muscle.

Mary is overweight and is interested in weight loss. I would tell Mary that the exercises associated in Phase 1 stabilization are done at slow tempos that keep the body under tension for longer periods of time which is will ultimately increase the metabolic furnace and result in weight loss.

Ashley is preparing for a marathon. I would tell her that a marathon requires a lot of endurance and her core is important to provide that endurance that her legs and arms pull from during a marathon. Stabilization during phase 1 would provide her wit the energy needed to keep her legs and arms going during a marathon event.

and there is more tow discussion i will post it sone.

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