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Hi, based in my previous work that I’ll attach I want you to brainstorm an opining for my editorial about kidnapping for adoption. and make sure it is in MLA format.

Brainstorming for Paper 5: Editorial

While Paper 5 is one of our shorter essays at three pages (or about 750 words), it requires quite a bit of strategizing and planning to persuade your audience to a). recognize that the problem you are focusing on needs to be solved and b). the solution you propose in the editorial is the best way to do so.

1. Go to the op-ed page of a major newspaper or news outline like the NYT, CNN, WaPo, etc. and take a few minutes to read through some of the titles.

What can you potentially title your editorial? Brainstorm 1-2 possibilities here.

2. Like the title, your editorial’s opening must work to catch the attention of casual readers. When thinking about the most effective way to open, you will first need to consider what type of rhetorical appeal (ie logical or emotional) would work most effectively with your issue/problem to grab your audience’s attention. Remember that logical appeals consist of facts, statistics, analogies, definitions. You could emotionally appeal to your audience by opening with a story/example or a hypothetical scenario about the negative effects caused by the problem.

Brainstorm a potential opener or hook here.

3. After opening with an attention grabber, your first paragraph should transition into an overview of the specific problem within the issue that your editorial will attempt to solve.

In about 4-5 sentences or so, give an overview of the issue and define the problem for the audience; anticipate readers who may not know much about the issue here.

4. The second paragraph of your editorial will present your main argument and potential solution.

In a few sentences, articulate and explain your solution to the problem and why it will work.

5. Paragraphs 3 through 5 will focus on providing reasons that your solution will work. It’s ok if you don’t have three reasons, but you definitely should provide at least two here. Look at Part III of your Paper 4 draft: what reasons do you give to prove that your solution will work? What evidence from your research supports these reasons?

– What is one reason you provide in paper 4 that this solution has the potential to work? What facts, evidence, etc from your research shows this?

– What is a second and what research supports it?

– if you have an additional reason, give here and tell what research supports it.

6. The next paragraph should address any counterarguments or concerns with your proposed solution.

Write a short paragraph that answers the following questions: Who – ie what stakeholders or stakeholder groups – would take issue with your proposed solution? Why? What is their argument against your solution? Do they have a valid point? Why/why not? Why is your solution the best option overall?

7. The final paragraph of your editorial must end with an effective appeal to the readers.

In a short paragraph, first tell what you specifically want them or officials to do to help solve the problem: Where can readers go online to learn more about the problem? How can readers act to help solve the problem? Provide specifics. Finally, end with an effective emotional or logical appeal that will persuade readers to act.

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