Brookline College Oklahoma City Business Essay

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Selected Chapter 1 Review Questions

Using the textbook and class discussion, answer the following review questions. Click inside the box following the question and type your answer. The box should expand as you enter text.

When you are finished, save this document as LastName FirstName Ch1 RQ and submit it to the Canvas submission box.

Section 1.1

1.How can wearables improve player health and safety? What kinds of new analytics can trainers use?

Section 1.2

2.How can a computer help overcome the cognitive limits of humans?

Section 1.3

3.Terms like “decision support system” and “management information system” are content-free expressions. What does this mean?

Section 1.4

4.List and describe the 4 major components of BI.

Section 1.5

5.What are descriptive analytics?

6.What are predictive analytics? How can organizations employ predictive analytics?

7.What is prescriptive analytics? What kind of problems can be solved by prescriptive analytics?

Section 1.6

8.Why would a health insurance company invest in analytics beyond fraud detection? Why is it in their best interest to predict the likelihood of falls by patients?

Section 1.7

9.What is Big Data analytics?

Section 1.8

10. What is the analytics ecosystem?

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