Bunker Hill Community Technological Innovations in the Museum of Science Essay

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NOTE: For this lab report (and this lab report only), you will deviate from the standard 5-section lab format and use of the lab report template. Because this is a unique exercise, the format for the lab will be adjusted. See below for the required format for this specific report.


For this lab, you will be taking a field trip, engaging in observation, and connecting what you are seeing to the key concepts covered so far this semester. You can choose your own destination. Below, I have put some recommended examples of trips you might take. As already indicated, you will not need to write a lab report using the format that you use for all of your other reports. For this trip you will need to write a short paper about your experience following the format below.

Include these sections as headings on your paper:

Introduction: In this section you need to write a description of your trip. Include, what the trip was and where it was located. Provide a detailed describe the things you saw and learned. The minimum length of this section should be one page single spaced.

Analysis: For this section you need to analyze your experience in terms biological and ecological concepts that you have learned about in your text book.

  1. Take three different things that you saw and relate them to one or more concepts from the book.
  2. Each of your three mini-analysis should be minimum of 100 words (half page).
  3. Your opinions/ conclusions/ reflections: Wrap up your paper by giving an overall personal opinion of the trip. Include how the trip made you think and feel. What you liked and disliked and why. This section should be a minimum of one page single spaced.

Suggested Trips

**You are encouraged to consider outside locations where you can socially distance. Nature preserves, parks, etc. will more than suffice. If you can mask safely and keep social distance, you could also consider these other locations. But your safety is paramount here!

Boston Nature Center and Wildlife Sanctuary – Mattapan, MA

Wolf Hollow – Ipswich, MA

Breakheart Reservation – Saugus, MA

Franklin Park Zoo – Boston, MA

Local Wildlife Refuge

Boston Museum of Science – Boston, MA

The New England Aquarium – Boston MA

Select the latter two only if you feel safe completing the activity there.

Again, there are some great local that have been set aside to help protect and conserve wildlife. You might also consider a state park or conservation area.


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