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Application: Electronic Presentation

For the Verbal part you can write it out and I will record it.

The best technical solution will fail unless management and other stakeholders support the concept. A short, nontechnical (business-oriented) presentation can help explain a design and facilitate the needed understanding and agreement.

To complete this Assignment you must have Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer loaded on your computer. In addition, you must have a microphone to record your oral narrative to accompany the presentation.

To prepare for this Assignment, view the PowerPoint presentation titled E-Presentations in the Learning Resources. Consider which points you should make and how to present them to a business executive. An effective presentation is engaging, well organized, and easy to understand.

Create a PowerPoint presentation and a narrative overlay. This presentation is your opportunity to present your proposed system design and cost justification to the organization’s senior management team. The senior management team members will review this presentation and then decide whether to continue the project and how much funding to provide.

Include the following elements in 6–10 slides:
•A clear discussion of the system design, with a brief discussion of the functional and non-functional requirements and information needs of the organization
•Explanation of the system costs

Write out a narrative to accompany each slide. Ensure that it reads conversationally and lasts 6–10 minutes.
Begin with the first slide and follow these steps to embed the narrative:
•Select the Slide Show Tab – Record Narration – Set microphone level
•Talk into your microphone to make sure it is working properly.
•Click OK – Begin your narrative for the first slide
•When you finish speaking the narrative for the first slide, advance to the next slide (left click)
•Record the narrative for the second slide
•Continue advancing through the slides and recording your narrative
•After the last slide you will be asked if you want to save the slide timings – select SAVE
•Start the slide show and review the narrative and pace you set

Repeat until you are satisfied with the presentation and your slide show is completed in 6–10 minutes. If you need to redo the recording, simply go back to the first slide, select the Slide Show Tab and re-record your narrative. You may choose to re-record just one slide at a time.

Save the PowerPoint presentation with embedded narrative.

Place all of your resumes into one “.ppt” file and submit your Application by Day 7.

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