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Consider the following scenarios and on the basis of your understanding of the scenarios, create a report in a Microsoft Word document, addressing the questions given below:

Netcom has five branch offices connected on two routers to the head office. Two different routing protocols run on the routers along with additional IP services such as NAT.

  • What are the top two network-related factors that should be kept in mind while selecting routers for this network and why?

The file depicts a router R1, which is connected to five other routers that are located in different cities. R2 is in New York; R3 is in San Jose; R4 is in Detroit; and R5 is in Chicago. The MAC and IP addresses of all the routers are also displayed. A routing protocol—high-level data link control (HDLC)—runs between all the five routers. The network requirement is 100% redundancy.

  • Does the network meet this requirement? Why or why not? Describe the aspect which would prevent the network from being redundant.
  • What change will you carry out, if required? Provide rationale for the aspect and modification needed to make the network redundant.

The company has 500 employees and its administrator has created different Virtual LANs (VLANs) for different departments. The computers on the two VLANs of the human resources (HR) and finance departments must communicate using the BIOS protocol. Also the head office of the organization is connected to a remote office through a leased line.

  • Where will you use routing, switching, and bridging on the organization’s network and why?
  • Where can you use routing, switching, and bridging interchangeably in this case and why?

The head office of Netcom was using static routing in the past but now has to run two routing protocols for its two new branch offices. The head office is connected to the branch offices through leased lines on the same router, and its VLANs are subnetted from Imagine yourself as the network administrator at the head office.

  • Which routing protocol would you use, classful or classless, and why?

Netcom includes several VLANs in its LAN. To perform inter-VLAN routing, the organization’s network administrator suggests using an external router and an Ethernet port on the router of every VLAN. It realizes the high costs involved in implementing this solution and asks the administrator for an alternate solution. The administrator now suggests Layer 3 switching.

  • How will Layer 3 switching help address the issue of cost?

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