emergency homework for introduction information system

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The requirement is below:

Assignment #1
1. Submit your spreadsheet(WorkBook that contains the following parts of this assignment) to BlackBoard using the following file name format: LastNameFirstNameA1  i.e. if your name is Phuong Thanh then your workbook file name must be PhuongThanhA1.xlsx 2. Do not email it to me.  It will not be graded.
Part 1 Acme Hat Corporation
1. Create the Acme Hat corporation worksheet below. 2. Add yourself and two more employees to the spreadsheet (include hours worked and wage rate and these can be fictitious). 3. Fill in the Gross Pay column by using a formula which multiplies the Hours Worked and the Hourly Wage. 4. Fill in the Taxes column by using a formula which calculates 35% of the Gross Pay.  The tax rate should be located in a cell and referenced (absolute reference). 5. Fill in the Net Pay column with a formula which subtracts the Taxes from the Gross Pay. 6. Using the built-in function ‘sum’, calculate the totals of the last three columns. 7. Format the hour’s column to 1 decimal place and all other numbers to currency with 2 decimal places. 8. Sort the employees into alphabetical order. 9. Format the table with a border, title shading, and graphic of a hat, centered horizontally and vertically. 10. Add your name using a header and the date and time as a footer to the spreadsheet. 11. Be sure your name is on the spreadsheet. 12. Preview the file (make sure each spreadsheet fits on one page).

These link might be helpful for this homework:

  1. Office 2013 Class #19: Excel Basics 1: Excel Grid, Formatting, Formulas, Cell References, 
  2. Office 2013 Class #20: Excel Basics 02: Formula Inputs For Formulas and Charts & Excel’s 
  3. Office 2013 Class #21: Excel Basics 03: Count & Add: COUNT, COUNTA, SUM, COUNT
  4. Office 2013 Class #25: Excel Basics 07: What Excel Does: Calculations and Data Analysis


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