Introduction to Information Security Management

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Question 1:

Learning Objective: Define key characteristics of information security.

Make sure you have completed the reading assignment, which includes Extending the McCumber Cube to Model Network Defense, before posting and responding in this forum.

The McCumber Cube model and Price’s extended version of the model can be used to identify gaps in an information security program. That means each of the 27 cells should be analyzed when developing the security program.

Each student should pick TWO cells that have not already been addressed by another student. Describe how the cell can be used to identify specific countermeasures that can be implemented to reach a security goal during a given information state. Simply identifying the cell is not acceptable. For example, consider the cell (availability, storage, policy). That means you should address how to a policy can be used to make sure that our stored data will be available when needed. You could begin your post by saying … “It is reasonable to expect that the policy to protect payroll information when stored remains available to the appropriate users. The policy should include measures that …”

There are 27 cells. If you post late, then you may use the same cell as another student so long as you examples are different.

Posting Guidelines:  This assignment requires an Original Posting from you of 2-3 paragraphs answering the weekly question

Question :2 

Personal Information at Risk

Learning Objective: Understand who is responsible for protecting information assets.

Assignment Requirements

Take a close look at the information stored on your personal computer or laptop.  Then address the  following questions in your paper.

  • Do you, at this moment, have information stored there that is critical to your personal life? (Please do not divulge information you are uncomfortable sharing.)
  • Is the information accessible by persons other than yourself?
  • If that information became lost or compromised, what effect would it have on you or your family?
  • What security measures do you have in place to protect that information?

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double- Space
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Length: 1–2 pages (plus a cover sheet)

Question :3

Write a paper describing your thoughts on:

  1. The importance of setting up a firewall and keeping one’s operating system up-to-date.
  2. How to protect against hackers, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, phishing e-mails, and other high-tech threats.
  3. The importance of maintaining multiple passwords and not sharing personal information.

Note : Please need each question in saperate doucment and with apa format  and ciattions with no plagarism and need original content.

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