Need computer science help with a Discussion Post about a security function

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Pick one of the items below for your Original Post in this week’s discussion forum:

  • Fully explain why policies provide the bedrock for a mature IT or security function. How should they provide the framework for all activities in those departments?
  • Research and briefly explain COBIT. What does it provide?  How can it be used by an organization?
  • Explain IT Governance. Why is it important for a mature IT organization?
  • Provide an overview in your own words of the impacts of running a business without policies. Include some dangers of not implementing policies.
  • Research and explain Business Process Reengineering (BPR).  How can an organization use it to improve their IT management?
  • What does it mean for an organization to be compliant? How can the organization know they are compliant? 
  • What is the different between the three control types: preventive, detective, and corrective? How is each used in an organization to ensure proper compliance with policies?
  • Explain labeling data and data classification.  How can it be accomplished in an organization?  What’s the danger if it’s not done?
  • How does IT Policy help limit business liability?  Include a definition of that term and what it means for a typical organization. 
  • What is Operational Consistency and why is it important for organizations?  What role do policies play?
Requirement :
250 – 300 Words

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