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Assignment 1: 

In Strategic Planning, what is SWOT?  How can this information be used in the Strategic Planning Process?

Posting Guidelines:  This assignment requires an Original Posting from you of 2-3 paragraphs

Assignment 2: 

Follow APA formatting standards, especially for citations and references.

2.1  : SABSA Model

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

§  Explain the SABSA Model as it relates to IT strategic planning.

§  You will identify four IT security controls for a given scenario.


§  The Security Strategy book discusses the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) model on page 65 when it addresses business drivers.

§  Research at least two additional sources of the SABSA model.

§  Provide a 2-3 page paper explaining the model.  Include at least one figure, diagram, or chart explaining it.  You should address how it identifiers business drivers.


 U.S. Compliance Laws and Regulations

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

§  Describe one of the laws impacting IT Strategy and Policy.


§  Chapter 3 of the Security Policy textbook discusses different laws related to IT Strategy and Policy.

§  Pick one of the laws, regulations, or standards mentioned in the chapter and conduct additional research on it.

§  Provide a 1-2 page paper explaining the law or regulation.  You should address the following:

o  What are the key concepts contained in the law / regulation?

o  How does it impact an organization and its IT infrastructure?

o  What policy, technical or procedural controls does the law / regulation require?

o  Why those drivers are important for the business?

o  How those drivers benefit the organization and help it meet its goals? 

You may place both assignments in a single document.

Your writing must be professional with proper attention to formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Testing :

 Assignment 3: 

Assignment Topic: There are nearly a dozen core concepts or principles that SCRUM is founded upon, which are listed in the “SCRUM Orientation” PowerPoint presentation. Choose three or more of those principles.

·  Research each concept, explain what it means, and describe its importance to SCRUM.

·  Identify the benefits and the risks that each may introduce into a work environment.

·  Document your research in a one page analysis per principle, double spaced.

 Assignment 4: 

– Weekly Discussion Forum Posts

Assignment Topic:  The SCRUM methodology introduces shortened development cycles. What challenges or opportunities does that introduce to the testing role? 

Assignment Responsibilities:

·  Post an original thread of 100 to 150 words 

 Assignment 5: 

– User Story Writing Exercise


Assignment Scenario:  You are hired to test a parking lot calculation application. This application is provided for the convenience of travelers that use a certain parking lot, and provides them with an estimate of the costs they should expect to pay when parking on that lot. There are different sections of the lot, and each has a different pricing level associated with it. There is short-term, economy, long-term surface, long-term garage and valet parking. As a bonus, if you park in the economy lot, your 7thday of parking is free. 

Assignment Description:

1.  Review the scenario above and write 5 user stories to capture some of the core requirements for this application. Use good story writing format when documenting these requirements. Note that this scenario will be carried forward into future weeks, so be thoughtful about the user story writing process.

2.  Write acceptance criteria for each story.

Note : 

Follow APA formatting standards, especially for citations and references. , Need perfect grammer , no plagarism and need original work ,

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