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  1. Add default constructor

  2. Add another constructor with parameter(s)

  3. Add default destructor

  4. Use dynamic memory to allocate object from circle class

  5. Use an inline function

  6. Demonstrate use of array of objects


using namespace std;

double pi = 3.14159;

class Circle




    double radius;



    void setRadius(double);

    double getRadius() const;

    double calculateArea() const;

    double getPerimeter() const;


void Circle::setRadius(double rd)


    radius = rd;


double Circle::getRadius() const


    return radius;


double Circle::calculateArea() const


    return radius*radius * pi;


double Circle::getPerimeter() const


    return 2 * pi*radius;


int main()


    Circle circleObject;

    double cirRadius; 

    cout << “This program will calculate the area and circumference of Circle.”<<endl;

    cout << “What is the radius? “;

    cin >> cirRadius;


    cout << “Here is the Circle’s data:n”;

    cout << “Radius: ” << circleObject.getRadius() <<“cm”<< endl;

    cout << “Circumference: ” << circleObject.getPerimeter() << “cm” << endl;

    cout << “Area: ” << circleObject.calculateArea() << “cm^2” << endl;

    return 0;


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