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Application Assignment 3

Consider the research problem that you selected for your research project, conduct a search for scholarly articles that are related to the problem.  Find five scholarly articles (including the articles that reviewed in week 2) that you are interested in and provide a direct quotation with citation for each of the articles’ (studies’) problem statements.  Which of the five problem statements do you think is best written?  Which problem statement is written the poorest?  How does the writing of the research problem statement reflect on the findings of the study?  Your response for this application assignment should be 500-1000 words in length.

Category Description
Points Awarded/Max. Points
Problem   Statements  (9 pts)
Provides examples of 5   problem statements from 5 different scholarly articles/studies
Best Written Statement  (9 pts)
Describes   which problem statement is best written and why
Worst Written Statement   (9 pts)
Describes   which problem statement is written the poorest and why
Effect on   Findings  (9 pts)
Describes   how the effectiveness of both the best and worst problem statements effect   the findings of the study
Documentation (9   points)
Essay   is properly documented using a reference list and in-text citations and   conforms to APA standards.
Grammar & Writing   Style  (5 points)
Student’s   answers are free of grammatical errors and is written in a manner where a   college level reader can grasp the essay’s meaning/argument in a single rapid   reading.

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