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I need a paper to be written based on the requirements below:

 A Data Model

This design is a relational data model for a library in a small town. The library contains books, videos, newspapers, and magazines that can be checked out. It also contains reference books, videos, magazines, and newspapers that cannot be checked out.

As a group, examine the data model and identify problems with or errors in the design. In a Microsoft Word document, capture the table definitions, definitions of (key and non-key) fields, and the relationships in the diagram when looking for problems and errors. These project components are further described as follows:

  • The table definitions
  • The definitions of the primary key fields
  • The relationships in the diagram

Section 2: Individual section: Individually, report your group analysis describing the errors or problems in a 2- to 3-page document in APA format. Then, explain in words how to make changes to the diagram to fix those errors or issues. This part of the project requires you to think and plan for the project as a leader. This means that you have to think, execute, and review until you are satisfied with the outcome. After an in-depth analysis, finalize your report for discussion with your team.

Attention Tutor: Please clik on the blue link to see the table.

Part II of the assignment.

(This Should be a separate 2 page paper)

The small town mentioned in Part 1 is growing and now has three library branches from which residents can borrow items. Each branch has a full-time supervisor and both full- and part-time employees. All non-reference media can be checked out, but if the media is not returned by the due date a warning is sent and the member is charged 10 cents for each day the item is late.

The library database is for staffing and circulation. You are not responsible for storing information about computers or computer usage. Library maintenance is also outside the scope of this database.

In this part of the Group Project, add to or edit and enhance the corrected diagram from Part 1 of the Group Project to include this additional information. Then, describe the normalized tables as shown in the normalization video showing primary keys, foreign keys, and data types. This portion of the Group Project is also completed and submitted individually.

Begin with the corrected diagram from Part 1, using Word or any software that allows you to enhance the diagram. You may also hand draw the UML and use a scanner or digital camera to capture the image.

Thank you


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