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Technical Proposal: Having successfully explained the value of designing a warehouse to facilitate the merger between Virtual World Insurance Company and Maxon Insurance, you are now responsible for creating the full-fledged proposal.

Your proposal must include your architecture and a technical plan for implementation that highlights potential difficulties. It is important that you communicate in a manner that can be understood by executives, but can also be understood by members of your IT group to plan for future implementation. The challenge will be balancing audience-appropriate communication with adhering to the technical nature of your task. Remember to include all of the necessary aspects of a data warehouse and to attend to potential issues, both common aspects and those unique to your organization. Your technical proposal must attend to the following critical elements:

I.  Introduction: Provide an introduction that lays the groundwork for your proposal and tells the audience both what the point of the proposal is and how it will benefit the organizations.

II.  II. Data Warehouse Architecture:

a) Architecture Design: Provide a clear visualization of the architecture, showing the important aspects that will allow for integration of organizational information.

b) Architecture Defense: Explain the architecture that you have designed and the reasoning behind the choices you have made. What approach did you take in designing your architecture (for example, did you follow a top-down or bottom-up approach or did you incorporate strategies from multiple approaches)? How will your architecture address business problems? Be sure to provide support from relevant sources or examples.

c) Database Management System (DBMS): Provide your justification and rationale for the DBMS that you select. Discuss the DBMS tools that you considered. Why was the DBMS you selected the best choice for the organization in terms of supporting decision making and aligning to the business goals?

All the above contents must be answered with citations and references . NO PLAGARISM PLEASE.

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