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Project Instructions


The purpose of this project is to have you research a cutting edge or future technology related to telecommunications and networks.
You will be asked to write a report on a topic you select from a list of subjects below or you can suggest your own( i alredy choose Cloud computing but if you recommend me for another let me know) . The focus of this market brief report should not simply be a technical description of the topic. Possible issues that you might discuss in your report are the economic costs of the technology, or typical organizational motivations for selecting this technology, or technical factors that might limit where an organization could use this technology. For example, if the topic of your report was “Voice and Data Wiring Standards”, your paper should not be an extended discussion of the technical characteristics of copper wire. While it’s important to know that CAT-5 wiring can be used up to 100Mbps and has a given db loss over 100 meters, the focus should also be on business issues, such as how upgrading office wiring systems to Cat-5 cabling might permit voice-over-IP applications.

Final Deliverable: An Organized Report with Bibliography

• Your report should be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length, excluding the cover sheet and bibliography. Your report must be typewritten, must use a 12 point font and 1″ margins. Each page (other than the cover sheet) should include a footer with your first initial and last name(s) left justified (e.g., M. Tavakolan), and the page number (e.g., “Page 1”) right justified. You can choose from the project topics below. If you would like to do your research on a specific subject which is not mentioned in the list below, please make sure to email me and let me know. We both need to agree on your project topic if it is not in the project topics list. You will present your project in class. You need to create a PowerPoint presentation. It should be 5 minutes presentation.

• Your report is required to reference at least four sources upon which you based your paper. Sources should not include marketing or advertising literature. Your sources must be organized in a bibliography, and all references must be cited in your paper. References in the bibliography must be prepared according to one of the standard style sheets (e.g., MLA, APA, IEEE, ACM).

If you are unfamiliar with the format for standard bibliographic citations, please refer to the following reference for additional information. Be sure to use complete references for online sources. Simply referencing a website is *not* acceptable.

Potential Market Brief Project Topics:

1. Metro Ethernet
2. WiMax vs Wireless
3. Voice over IP
4. 4G (WiMax/LTE)
5. Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
6. Intrusion detection
7. Firewalls
8. Cloud computing

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