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Please take a look at the questions below and the answers that are underneath them and give your analysis and response to whether the answers are correct or wrong; state if you agree or disagree with the answers and why or why not? Please respond in 2 1/2 to 3 paragraphs. You should address each answer given in paragraph format.

Attached are some documents to help you understand the Kelly Salon Stage Case Studies

  1. List 3 or 4 questions about the customers that Kelly, as manager of the business, would want to have answers to. Label each question as to whether it is strategic or operational/tactical in nature.
  2. What data would you gather about the customers to be able to answer those questions?
  3. What would be the top two business benefits Kelly could gain from this business intelligence?
  4. What should she tell the customers about why she is collecting data about them?


1. Question #A. Are they employed – OPERATIONAL

Question #B. Are the customers willing to pay for premium services currently not offered? – STRATEGIC

Question #C. Age – OPERATIONAL

Question #D. What is the educational level of the customer base? – OPERATIONAL/TACTICAL

2. Gathering of personal information such as work status, school level, work outside the home, shopping preferences, group affiliation such as school groups, and clubs.

3. Greater customer satisfaction (Hocevar, 2014)

Increase profits

4. Kelly should be transparent as to why she needs the information; to better serve the clientele and bring in more qualified salon stylist and technicians that can offer a wider range of services. She needs to know this information to align her practices (hair care) with current demands for her area. Plus, the market has been increasingly competitive with the Hair Cuttery down the next block. She needs to explain why she wishes to keep their business. She also should explain to her customer base the importance of small business owners in the community.


Hocevar, B., & Jaklic, J. (2014). Assessing benefits of business intelligence systems – a case study. United States, North America: Retrieved from

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