I am generally inclined to think that computers have increased work efficiency as a whole Discussion Post, computer science homework help

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I am generally inclined to think that computers have increased work efficiency as a whole. Computers have enhanced the speed and efficiency of collaborative projects, increased organizations ability to collect and organize information, and made it possible for near real time tracking information on products and processes from beginning to end. Computers are tools that when used properly enhance productivity. Like any tool, improper use can cause problems and reduce efficiency. I think the only negative that computers have had on productivity is because of flawed or poorly conceived ways that they are implemented and utilized. Most of the time these problems occur when organizations do not fully understand the capabilities of the applications they are using or when they use multiple different software platforms to accomplish the same activities. I have seen this type of inefficiency in both the military and commercial environment.

In the military, we send a variety of reports that all have slightly different formats but basically contain identical information. These reports are created using either, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Word, MS SharePoint, or by email and consolidated using multiple different server applications. This results in doing the same work multiple times and would be more efficient by either making a single report, or using a single format that can be easily be merged, or by using a single server application.

Other inefficiencies come with an organizations excessive reliance on computer systems. Computers enable the rapid distribution of near real-time information, which enables leaders to make more accurate decisions, but sometimes this also prevents lower level leaders from making decisions. Instead of relying on lower echelon leaders to make a decision, which was once a necessity because higher echelons lacked all of the information, higher echelons feel empowered to make all decisions because they have access to more of the information. This additional oversight can actually slow down the execution of decisive action and make operations inefficient. In the event that computer systems fail, lower echelons feel less empowered to make decisions on their own, and all actions stop until computer issues are resolved.

The optimal solution for any organization is to use computer systems as a tool to enhance operations, not as a replacement for organizational structure, individual roles, and responsibilities. Organizations should implement computer systems and computer processes with a full spectrum approach and not as band aids for granular problems. Many organizations find that it is easier to implement layers of temporary fixes which often cause additional problems and inefficiencies rather than create lasting solutions.


I think for the most part computers have help increase productivity. I think it has become a real part of the work enviorment. I also think that when we use computers we have less chances for human error. One thing I see from this that hand writing many times is not legible this causing confusion and errors. Although human error can still happen on computers but when we make the mistakes they can most like be corrected very easily. There are times that people get lazy and do not pay attention to their work this can cause some issues to the work productivity with computers and technology. But we know that employees and their work can be easily tracked therefore keeping an eye on the bottom line of a company.

I personally have learned to like technology but there are times that I do think would we should go back in time and not rely so much on technology. I also think that in the work place there could be issues with employees using the computers at work for their own person use like using social media at work. We know that this can be a real issue and many times employees lose their jobs because they are using work computers for personal use or some times inappropriate sites at work. There can also be issues with breach of security through Internet. It is vital to make sure that the security of the commuters and technology is of great importance.

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