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Part 1

Consider the following scenarios and advise on what you think the ethical outcome of each situation should be by answering the questions asked about the scenario.

  • You took some beautiful pictures with your new digital camera during your vacation to Las Vegas, and want to share it with your friends across the world. You attach all the pictures to an e-mail and send them out from your workstation using MS Outlook and a mailing list. The total size of the attachments is around 30 MB and your mailing list contains over 100 e-mail addresses. Do you think doing this was ethical or should you have used some other approach? Give logical reasons for your point of view.
  • Smart Software Developers has a dozen employees who use computers on the network. Each user can access the Internet through a proxy server that is connected to the Internet using a DSL link. Debbie, the COO, notices that although the employees are glued to their computers most of the time, productivity is less. One day, she instructs the network administrator to give her access to log files to view the surfing activities of users. The log files show that most users used the computer during work hours to access Hotmail and then used them to access pornographic Web sites after office hours. Do you feel that using the computer to access the Internet for personal e-mail during office hours is ethical? If not, how can the organizations stop this? What about surfing pornographic sites after office hours? Is it just a matter of ethics, or is there more at risk to the organization?

Part 2

Explore the URL and visit Web sites such as, and These Web sites give a timeline of viruses, worms, and Trojans with examples. Create a comparative table of five famous viruses, such as C-Brain, Friday 13th, Melissa, LoveBug, and so forth, to compare their methods of spreading, brief description of harm intended by the virus, the overall estimated cost of the damage, and the impact on computer users. Based on your review, which of these do you think was the most damaging and why?

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