concepts international trade

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Topic for the report:  Overview of Canadian Trade


Please before inboxing me requisting to do my post, read all frist. You must be aware for what Im requiring quaility and time. Help me I help you!


PurposeYou will research basic trade data between Canada and a chosen country or Canada and a regional trading block, or an assessment of selected multilateral institutions. The major learning outcome is familiarity with the trade related data and literature on particular issues.


Suggested Length: The report will be approximately 10 pages manimume in length (single spaced). This is only a suggested length and you may go up to 20 pages maximum. Do not count pages; instead complete the work in whatever pages it requires. 



The report will contain a Title Page with Project Title, Abstract, Main Sections of content and a Conclusion. All references will be cited in the Bibliography and all tables and charts must be attached in the appropriate sections of the written Report and in the Power Point Presentations.


 General Comments



·     Make sure that you include in the main body of the text any tables, charts or pictures that are appropriate and relevant for your paper. You must not just attach a table or graph—make sure that you discuss it also to highlight your research findings.


·     Use any footnotes that you desire to add substance to a point.  Sometimes people use endnotes instead of footnotes. Both formats are acceptable.


·     When you do the editing of your paper make sure that it tells a consistent and complete story and that its various sections are linked through linking sentences.  The end result should be that your paper should convincingly answer the questions that you set for yourselves to investigate.


·     As it is a trade related paper you must bring out data on trade growth between country A and B; any serious trade restrictions and any other trade issues affecting trade relations between the two countries/regions.  Read the latest news about trade and include it in your analysis.  Make use of normal Google web and Google scholar.  


·     Finally be creative in your research to define an appropriate scope of your paper which is interesting for the reader. 


·     The project comprises 30% of your course mark, so naturally I expect that you have put in the required work which would be seen by the depth and breadth of your analysis.  I expect you to engage in some research in-depth research.  Cursory poor quality research would not earn high marks. And I must add that I would generously reward the hard work of all those groups who took this project seriously.


After the report is done:

Power Point presentations will be prepared for 15 minutes.

Please make a summary and necessary information for the report into the prow point for 6 members. I want each member has their part printed on paper so they can present it with no issues. Be creaitve in making the power point and involve some pic and charts if needed. Due this Friday


1.      Useful Links




Possible information sources that can be useful are as follows:

2.     Export Development Corporation (EDC)

3.     North South Institute (Ottawa) – they usually carry analytical reports on trade issues 

4.     Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs 

5.     Statistics Canada –carries trade related data and reports

6.     Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) – has reports and data on trade and development related issues

7.     World Trade Organization (WTO) – has trade related date and analysis of trade issues

8.     World Bank – carries analytical reports on trade issues

9.     Other sources that you may find through the web


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