Microsoft Access 2010

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Start Access. Open the downloaded file named Go_a01_Grader_IR.accdb.

Create a new table in Datasheet view. Change the field name of the ID field to CoordinatorID. Add the fields EventID, Coordinator LName, Coordinator FName, Telephone, Email, and Status (in that order), using the Text data type.

Change the Data Type of the CoordinatorID field to Text. Save the table as Event Coordinators. Switch to Design View and ensure that the CoordinatorID field is set as the Primary Key. Switch back to datasheet view.

Add the following new record to the Event Coordinators table and then close the table:

CoordinatorID  EventID  Coordinator LName  Coordinator FName  Telephone  Email
10001 PP12345 Kay Simon 215-145-9393

Append a copy of the records from the downloaded Excel file named a01_Event Coordinators.xlsx to the Event Coordinators table (the table will now contain five records).

In Design view of the Event Coordinators table, delete the Status field. Change the field size of the CoordinatorID field to 5. View the table in Datasheet view and save the changes when prompted.

Resize all of the columns in the table to give each one the best fit. Save the table.

With the Event Coordinators table open in Datasheet view, use the Simple Query Wizard to create a query based on the table. Add all of the fields to the query except the CoordinatorID field (in their displayed order) and click Next. Save the query as Event Coordinators Query and then click Finish. Close the query.

Create a simple form based on the Event Coordinators table that will open in Layout view. Save the form as Event Coordinators Data Entry. View the form in Form view. Close the form.

With the Event Coordinators table open in Datasheet view, create a simple report that will open in Layout view. Save the report with the name Event Coordinators. Use the property sheet to set the widths of the CoordinatorID, EventID, and Telephone fields to 1 inch, Coordinator LName and Coordinator FName to 1.3 inches, and Email to 1.75 inches.

Move (do not resize) the page number control to the left so that its right border aligns with the right margin of the report. Sort the report in ascending order by the Coordinator LName field. Close the report, save the changes when prompted, and then close the Event Coordinators table.

Right-click the Event Coordinators table in the Navigation Pane and then click Table Properties. Enter This table will relate booked events with their coordinators. (type the period) in the Description and then click OK.

In the Event List form, in the first record row, enter Pool Party as the Title, 7/17/2014 12:00:00 PM as the Start Time, 7/17/2014 5:00:00 PM as the End Time,Event around pool will offer hot/cold appetizers and specialty martinis. (type the period) as the Description, and Pine Valley Country Club as the Location.

Click the New Event hyperlink in the Link Bar above the record. In the Event Details form that opens, enter Bridal Shower as the Title, River Walk Club as the Location, 7/16/2014 2:30:00 PM as the Start Time, 7/16/2014 5:30:00 PM as the End Time, and Light luncheon with sparkling wine will be served to approx. 80 guests. (type the period) as the Description. Click the Save and New hyperlink and then close the Event Details form.

In the Navigation Pane, change the view to Tables and Related Views.

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