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this is my classmate fought in discussion board i want someone to rephrase it completely and make it nice.

As highlighted in the text, there are several fundemental issues with software in which pose potential security risk & threat:

1.) Extensibility (Bugs, flaws and defects) — Vulnerabilties such as defects can lie dormant in software for years, only to resurface in a fielded system. Bugs, commonly caused by implementation of code exist but may never be executed. Bugs are often caused by coding in C/C++ languages utilizing tools like buffers incorrectly. This allows hackers to gain control over a program contol flow. Flaws are issues that lye at a deeper level. A flaw is instained in the software code, but it als present/absent at the design level. 

2.) Connectivity — The widepread growth of the internet and networking of computers is rapidly increasing the vulnerabilty of software. The more computers connected to a network, the more attack vectors a hacker has access to. The design of older database systems such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, Informatica, Maestro, etc. which are not compliant with secure plugins makes these enterprise services the most at risk. 

3.) Complexity — The notion that each operating system increases complexity due to the number of features is a double edge sword. More features, requires more lines of code. Unsafe programming languages such as C/C++ which do not protect against the simpliest of attacks exacerbate the issue. Issues with complexity escalate when coders/developers do not rely on “Data Flattening, or Identiy management & provisioning”. In short, “More Lines, More Bugs”. 


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