California State University Channel Islands Enviromental Science Presentation

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I need you to fill out the outline so I can fill out the powerpoint, you can make it lengthy because I will trim it for the power point, and use the long version for the Presentation part. If you need more explanations just ask me+++++

——————you will work on your final project outline. So far, we have talked about the value and importance of beaches from a physical, ecological, and cultural perspective. You have an announcement with the link to the outline for your group to begin fleshing out your final project————————-

as a final project, your group will create a 7-10 minute recorded presentation (using VoiceThread with voice and camera pulling together the information you learned about your international beach from the variety of perspectives or lenses we explored in class. The primary goal of this assignment is to demonstrate that global coastal issues are multi-faceted human-nature problems that require interdisciplinary insights and perspectives.

In your presentation, you will discuss your international beach location. Present the value and importance of your beach locations through the lenses of physical processes/geology, ecological processes, human dimensions and access, cultural lenses, and threats to your beach. You do NOT need to talk about California. The point is to take what you’ve learned about communicating the value of CA’s beaches and apply similar lenses to understand the importance of international beaches and what is at stake if they are lost. Again, beaches around the world are valued and important for a variety of reasons. You are tasked with discovering as a group why your beaches are special, why they should be protected, how they are threatened, and communicate what is at stake if they are lost. 

There are 4 steps you need to accomplish:


With your group, look at your google doc outline and decide who will create and narrate a slide (or two) on each section. One or two of these sections may be uniquely important to your international beach location, so you might choose to illustrate those sections with more than one slide.


Using your google doc outline, create a slide deck using google slides due date for fully completed slides April 17th.. I’ve created a template that you can access HERE. Make a COPY of this template as your own group file or create something similar in PowerPoint.  You will need to add additional slides, images, and content to make it your own. Again, the template can serve as a rough outline of where you should go with your talk. You will likely need to add more slides.  


One person (group leader) should download the google slides as a powerpoint presentation by April 18th and upload the slides to Voicethread via this assignment. Only the group leader needs to upload the complete PowerPoint to VoiceThread (it doesn’t have to be the group leader… but only one person should do it). Once it is in VoiceThread, all the group members can complete their presentation.


Once your GROUP LEADER has uploaded your presentation to VoiceThread each group member can record a portion of the presentation as a video comment on their slides via the GALLERY (Links to an external site.). PLEASE HAVE YOUR CAMERA ON WHEN YOU DO YOUR VOICE-OVER.  Make sure each member of your group participates in the presentation.

Critically think about all the things you have learned about California and apply them to your international locations in a succinct presentation. Include lenses or perspectives that are relevant to your region. I will be looking for your group to come across as a team that is working together. 


Remember, each place is special for its own reasons. Remember to draw connections to the beach. 

  • Manage your time well. Talk to your discussion pod and make a plan for how you want to divide the work.
    • You have all been researching your region for the entire semester and created an outline with all kinds of great information. As a group, figure out what your story will be.
  • You should have a succinct story with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • Hopefully, you’ve discovered why the area is important and all things interesting and relevant to the beaches in your area.
  • Use your peer groups to enhance your understanding and critical assessments of your areas.

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