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Please respond to each of these two questions with empirical evidence – thoroughly – with critical thinking, university writing skills, and by providing a fair and balanced viewpoint (with informed opinion of disability studies).

  1. References:
  2. Mental illness has many areas of concern for (1) the disabled person with a mental impairment, (2) the employer (in this case with more than 1,500 employees) and (3) the disabled’s medical professional.

Regarding the above URL – Week 4 Learning Resource, much attention is paid to educating children with disabilities – also note Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Week 6 Learning Resource Discusses “Competency in Social Work.” See below

Question1: This question addresses two areas of concern: (1) the attention and advances now being provided for children with disabilities and (2) Competency of Social Workers. Please discuss in detail why social workers, their education and expertise are so important in knowing and guiding the children themselves, their parents, and schools in helping these young children with disabilities

Please reflect on modern assistive technologies, culture of the children and their families and any hidden/elusive factors that must be thought about and accounted for. Think critically and proactively please.

Question2:Provide a hypothetical scenario choosing the way you want to present this case, with some of the most important factors that truly help the disabled worker in an environment that is best and functional for the disabled, but also for his/her immediate supervisor (who’s position is stressful enough). In this case, the disabled person is clinically depressed and needs a few minutes a day to relax in his/her own way. Assuming the medical professional is a caring and effective person, how can he/she help, specifically. Please use critical thinking in answering this question in a real life situ

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