Capella University Business Discussion

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Complete a draft of sections 1.1-1.5 of the DBA Capstone Guide and Template. Follow the content, length, style requirements, and guidance in the template when completing this assessment. You will also submit a reflection on the actions you took to complete your work and how the formative activity aligned to the assessment informed your approach.


This assessment will focus on completing the first five sections of your Topic Development capstone milestone, which is of critical importance to getting off to a good start on your capstone journey. A well-defined and properly aligned capstone topic will help to ensure that your project can proceed as smoothly as possible through the other milestones. Think of your topic selection and development as akin to designing a new building and making sure that the foundation is built to quality standards. Without a clear plan and a solid foundation, a building is more prone to need repairs—or to be rebuilt entirely. The same applies to your capstone project. If you do not plan appropriately and carefully develop your topic, you are more likely to encounter a situation that will require you to redo work.

By completing a well-thought-out draft of sections 1.1–1.5, you will begin this planning and receive feedback from faculty on how to improve your draft so you can lay the best possible foundation for your capstone project.


You will base your work in this course on previous assessments, addressing instructor feedback on those prior assessments. Therefore, you should submit assessments in the order presented and wait to receive instructor feedback before submitting your next assessment.


  1. If you did not upload your latest DBA Capstone Template to your ePortfolio at the end of your previous course, do so now. Refer to the Capella Microsoft OneDrive ePortfolio Job Aid [PDF] for information about sharing your ePortfolio. Your instructor can better understand your work in this course in the context of your previous work by reviewing your capstone template.
    • Remember that you may have begun work on these sections in prior specialization courses. Use that work and the feedback you received to guide this draft of sections 1.1–1.5 of your capstone template.
  2. Follow the guidelines in your DBA Capstone Template to complete the following template sections:
    • 1.1: Introduction.
    • 1.2: Problem of Practice.
    • 1.3: Gap in Practice.
    • 1.4: Purpose of the Project and Project Questions.
    • 1.5: Preliminary Terms and Definitions.
  3. In a separate document write a conclusion that:
    • Summarizes what you did to complete the DBA Capstone Template sections included in this assessment.
    • Reflects on how completing the Project Alignment Practice formative activity informed your work on the DBA Capstone Template sections for this assessment

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