Cas 464_week1 ecjourney

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i attached document below

Early Childhood Journey Paper

In this 1-2-page paper, students will reflect on why and how they came to be in the early
childhood field and what they hope to gain from the course. Students will discuss their
previous experience in the field of early childhood, describe their future aspirations and
define the reason they have chosen this field.

You can use an informal letter format but writing needs to professional with appropriate
language. Please avoid using cliche phrases such as “because I love children,” or “I’ve
always wanted to be a teacher.” This needs to be deeper than those statements.

Grading Topics Criteria Points
Content • Student discusses their previous

experience in early childhood.
• Student describes their future goals

and aspirations in the field.
• Student clearly defines their reason

they’ve chosen this field.
• Student avoids “cliches”

3 points

Style & Clarity • Few-to-no grammatical errors
• Full sentences used
• Topics are structured in a

paragraph format.

2 points

This assignment is due week 2 before 7pm.

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