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unelected officials

Unelected Officials

One branch of the American government, Congress, is made up of individuals elected by the people. Another branch of our government, the Presidency, is held by an elected official, but the majority of the members of the Presidential Cabinet are appointed to their positions (with the approval of Congress). The third branch of the government, the Judiciary, is made up of individuals who were all chosen by a President (though approved by Congress). Is it or is it not in the best interest of the people to have unelected officials in these positions of power?

  • Write a 500-750 word, APA style paper, exploring the distribution of power in the American federal government, and whether or not you believe it can effectively represent the will and the interests of the people it is meant to serve.
  • In your paper, explain your position and include the opposing position along with your rebuttal (of that opposing position).
    • Note: A rebuttal is a form of evidence that is presented to contradict other evidence that has been presented by an adverse party.
    • Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one of your references may be found online (not Wikipedia). The other references must be found in the Grantham University online library.

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Database Management, computer science homework help

Using your Week 1 IP as a starting point, extend the design to accommodate degree programs. The new design should incorporate the following functionalities:

  • What degree is the student working towards? A student can only work on one degree at a time.
  • What classes are necessary to obtain a specific degree?
  • Provide the DDL script to add the tables for the new design changes. Include an updated diagram that shows all the tables in the system.
  • Write the DML script to insert 3 test records in each of the tables in the system. This data will be necessary to write the queries in the next assignment.
  • Copy and paste the work into your Key Assignment document and include screen shots of each step, describe what you did for each step and paste in the actual SQL text used to perform each step. Upload your document to the Submitted Tasks section.

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Is there a cybersecurity workforce crisis in state governments?

Case Scenario:

A membership organization for state government officials has asked your cybersecurity consulting firm to partner with it in developing a one-day workshop on workforce development needs for cybersecurity workers. Your part in this endeavor is to provide the coordinating committee with a position paper which discusses the question: “Is there a cybersecurity workforce crisis in state governments? Your paper should be no more than 3 pages in length and must address both sides of the question (“yes, there is a crisis” and “no, there is not a crisis”).


1.  Read / Review the Week 5 readings.

2.  Research authoritative sources which support the “Yes” side of the question. Here are several sources to help you get started:



c.  Comparing Private Sector and Government Worker Salaries  (This source argues both sides of the compensation / education arguments.)

3.  Research authoritative sources which support the “No” side of the question. For example, states may have a shortage of workers overall. Or, the lack of competitive compensation claim may be inaccurate. Or, you may find that the shortage of cybersecurity workers is unrelated to the type of employer (that is, everyone is having problems finding qualified personnel).

a.  Budgetary Constraints (p. 3, Figure 1.4)

b.  IT Workforce hiring issues:

c.  State vs Private Compensation (see “Conclusions” on p. 15)

d.  Global talent gap

4.  Review the best practice recommendations from the NICE report. Select three to five best practices which state governments could benefit from implementing.

5.  Review alternative recommendations for attracting and retaining qualified talent (workers) to a state or region. Select 3 or more which you believe would be beneficial for state government hiring efforts for cybersecurity personnel.

a.  About Good Neighbor Next Door (ask yourself if this program or something similar should be extended to cybersecurity personnel)

b.  Attracting Big Talent to Small Cities

c.  7 Ways to Attract and Retain Talent (without having to compete on salaries) 

d.  Government Needs to Rethink How They Attract IT Talent


Write a two to three page summary of your research. At a minimum, your summary must include the following:

1.  An introduction or overview of the cybersecurity workforce issues which impact State governments. This overview should address the political, economic, socio-cultural (included education), and technological factors which contribute to the perceived lack of qualified cybersecurity workers. This introduction should be suitable for an executive audience.

2.  A separate section which addresses three to five specific reasons why states have difficulty hiring a sufficient number of trained and qualified cybersecurity workers for positions in state agencies and offices.

3.  A separate section which addresses three to five specific “non-cybersecurity” reasons why a workforce shortage affecting state governments may currently exist. You may also choose to argue that the workforce shortage arises out of state budget problems rather than training and education or salary.

4.  A recommendations section which addresses three to five marketing or hiring actions which state governments could take to attract cybersecurity talent and reduce or alleviate a cybersecurity workforce shortage for trained and qualified cybersecurity personnel. These recommendations should include several alternative practices which deemphasize salary.

Your white paper should use standard terms and definitions for cybersecurity and privacy. The following sources are recommended:

·  NICCS Glossary

·  Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing

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Policy and Politics~ANA(American Nurses Association) and basic human rights.


One of the highlights of the ANA’s Health System Reform Agenda is that the ANA “believes that health care is a basic human right” and the ANA supports a system that affords universal access for all citizens. (Refer to the ANA Health System Reform Agenda)

1. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

2. Do you believe that universal access is realistic for the US? Why or why not? 

3. Do you believe that as a nurse you should support your professional organization’s Health System Reform agenda?

~1 Page only, APA format with credible citations as applicable.

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Need a thesis and outline

·Identify the specific topic that you plan to write on for your Academic Essay and explain briefly why you have chosen this focus.

·Post a preliminary thesis for that topic, applying what you learned about strong thesis statements in the Reading and Learning Activities

·Post an outline that identifies at least 2–3 supporting details. Remember that the more detailed your outline is, the stronger your plan for success in the Academic Essay will be. This week, you will create a thesis statement for your upcoming Unit 6 Assignment. To review, a thesis is a sentence that reflects the main point/idea of your paper.

Remember that a strong thesis:

•Is a complete sentence, not a question, not a title

•Is very specific (to your topic/focus)

•Identifies the writer’s position/point about the topic

•Is formal, avoiding first and second person

•Avoids announcements like “In this paper, we will“ or “this paper will..” or “I plan to…”

•Is placed in the introduction of your paper; it should be the very last sentence of the introduction

When creating a thesis, you might start by forming a specific question you want your paper to answer or that the audience needs to have answered.

For example, let’s say that you want to write a paper that focuses on the reasons why obesity rates have risen in children. A research question might be “What are the causes of the rise in obesity in children?”

You could then explore the question, using some of the prewriting techniques covered in Unit 2. Use that prewriting work to form a sentence.

The thesis, then, might look something like this: The rise in obesity in children is caused by the increase in sedentary lifestyle and a dependence on fast foods.

The answer is your preliminary thesis. Notice that the thesis indicates the subject (rise in obesity in kids) and the author’s specific POINT about the subject (that it is caused by those two factors).

One final note:Keep in mind that as you draft and research and revise, you will most likely revise your thesis, making it stronger and clearer.

I hope this helps you get started. Of course, if you have any questions, please let me know. I attached the sample of how it should look. This will be ongoing. I will have to have a completed paper for the next unit on this topic as well. I attached the article that we are writing on. I just want to remind you that I am a recovering alcoholic, so this is why I choose this article. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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fill out the chart , sociology homework help

read from here Global Citizenship: Plausible Fears and Necessary Dreams (Links to an external site.) and fill out the chart .

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20 Software Testing Tips, computer science homework help

1. HW #2 is Summary of “20 Software Testing Tips“.

2. Min. number of page is one page and max. number of page is two pages.

3.should not contain plagiarism .

4. (APA format) Use 12 font size and double space.

5. Using Word format 

7. No bullet item. Use paraphrase.

Refer software testing textbook here

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C Programming, computer science homework help

Consider the following program fragment that defines a self‐referential type:

//Start of code

#include <stdbool.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

struct node_int;

typedef struct node_int *node;

struct node_int


int data;

node next;


typedef struct list_int {node first;} *list;

int f1(list l)


node c=l->first;

int s=0;

while (c != NULL)


s=s + l->first;



return s;


//End of code

Question 1: Thoroughly explain what does the function f1() do (or should do if it were free of errors)?

Question 2: Describe possible problems with the code of the function f1().

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rash db


t is anticipated that the initial discussion response should be in the range of 250-300 words. Response posts must demonstrate topic knowledge and scholarly engagement with peers. This is not the only criteria utilized for evaluation; substantive content is imperative. All questions in the topic must be addressed. Please proofread your response carefully for grammar and spelling. Do not upload any attachments. All responses need to be supported by a minimum of one scholarly resource. Journals and websites must be cited appropriately. Citation and reference must adhere to APA format (6th Ed.). Classroom Participation

Students are expected to initially address the discussion question by Wednesday of each week. Participation in the discussion forums is expected with a minimum total of three (3) substantive postings (this includes your initial posting and posting to two peers) on three (3) different days per week. Substantive means that you add something new to the discussion, you aren’t just agreeing. This is also a time to ask questions or offer information surrounding the topic addressed by your peers. Personal experience is appropriate for a substantive discussion and should be correlated to the literature.

All discussion boards will be evaluated utilizing rubric criterion inclusive of content, analysis, collaboration, writing and APA. If you fail to post an initial discussion you will not receive these points, you may however post to your peers for partial credit following the guidelines above. Due to the nature of this type of assignment and the need for timely responses for initial posts and posting to peers, the Make-Up Coursework Policy (effective July 2017) does not apply to Discussion Board Participation. Discussion Prompt [Due Wednesday]

Sally is 18 years old and recently became bothered by a rash that is itchy, red, inflamed, and dry. She also has scaly areas that she says are getting worse.The rash is only around her umbilicus and on her elbows. Both of her parents have psoriasis, but she doesn’t believe this is the problem, because it appears different from her parent’s lesions. She lives in Florida, is under a lot of stress in high school, and just recovered from a lingering upper respiratory infection (URI).

Questions: What do you anticipate the rash will look like? Using the internet search engine find an image that reflects what the patient is reporting and attach for all to see. What are the risk factors for Sally getting psoriasis? What diagnostic test might you order? Name your top three differentials? What is the goal of therapy? What would you order first to treat? What follow up or referral is needed?

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