Climate Change Debates Comprise Everyday Norms as Scientists Analysis

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In your essay, do the following:

  1. Include an introduction about the research you have conducted.
  2. State your hypothesis, recap the methods, and outline the project design of the behavior change challenge assignment.
  3. State your independent variable, dependent variable, and control.
  4. Talk about any unexpected observations and challenges you encountered during the course of your project.
  5. Using three peer-reviewed references, reflect on how your footprint affects aquatic environments, the organisms that live in aquatic environments, and impacts on human health. Summarize your sources to support your ideas.
  6. Compare your hypothesis to the end result of your behavior change.
    1. Do the results support or refute the hypothesis? How?
  7. Did you adjust your methods to reduce your footprint? Explain why or why not.
  8. Finally, explain the effects of your behavior change plan on your footprint to the other people within your community (stakeholders).
    1. Identify community stakeholders who may be impacted by this change.
    2. Evaluate what their positions might be on the effects.
  9. From the results of your behavior change plan, explain how they can be used to identify how you can continue to monitor the effects that humans have on their environment through research.

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