Climatic Change Worksheet

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  • Choose 5 of the below questions and answer all parts in an essay format. Each question is worth 10 points.
  • You are welcome to use your class notes, The Story of More, Healing Earth, other scientific literature, other textbooks, the internet, etc. However, you are not allowedto discuss the questions or your answers with one another and every answer must be in your own words.
  • Each answer should be at least half to 1 page (single-spaced) of writing.

*When you cite scientific primary sources be sure to include: Author, Title, Year of Publication, Journal Title and Pages.

**For all other sources include: links, author names, website names and any corporation/funding names

***You do not have to cite anything that we have used in class.


  • Define climate change. What is the difference between global climate change (events that have occurred in the history of the Earth) and current anthropogenic-caused climate change? Explain at least 4 ways that humans are contributing to climate change.
  • Explain the greenhouse effect. Name at least 3 greenhouse gases and explain how their abundance in the atmosphere has changed throughout time (particularly in the last 100 years). How is human activity affecting the greenhouse effect?
  • Are preserved natural areas affected by climate change? Give an example using Yellowstone National Park. How is climate change affecting the food web in that area? Can we protect these areas from climate change impacts? How?
  • Explain ocean acidification (specifically the chemistry of ocean acidification). Why is this phenomenon occurring? Explain how this acidification affects the following groups: Coral Reefs, Oysters, Zooplankton and Fish.
  • Explain how climate change is affecting glaciers and sea ice. Explain how climate change is affecting sea level rise. Why should people care about these impacts of climate change? Are large changes possible for these two impacts in the future? Are they likely?
  • Reflect on climate change and ethics. Why should we care about climate change? In your responses speak to at least 4 of the following: public health, intrinsic worth of nature, poverty, agriculture, and responsibility.
  • If you were to explain climate change to someone from the general public, what would you say? Make sure this is a complete response and can be understood by anyone.
  • Mention and evaluate 3 different solutions to climate change (for example: removing CO2from the air, cutting carbon emissions individually, and imposing a carbon tax). Use citations as needed. Can we stop climate change?


Again please make sure to answer all parts of each questions in an essay format.

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