Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Web Portal System for University Implementation Phase.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Web Portal System for University Implementation Phase. The software development team would after sampling documents of design together with tools for equipment such as editors, debugging tools and compilers would begin coding the web portal system. It is indeed a long phase as compared to the other steps in the production cycle. Each individual in the team would be allocated a module to work on individually than at the end, the modules would be integrated together to form the system. The modules would be revised independently using open source revision control systems. During the revision, appropriate changes would be made to the modules.


This is a critical stage in the web portal production as it is important for long term product support as well as the image of the institution. The quality of the product would be determined to conform to standards set by other productions presently in the application. To avoid crashes at the staff or student ends which would lead to poor credibility on the institution’s side the testing would be extensive and comprehensive. The main goal of this stage is to enforce quality assurance. The testing part would be divided into the following steps.

Unit Testing

This would be a section of the whole system and would follow the coded modules. Its intention would be to ensure that the product really meets its objectives of the design. A lot of issues would be fixed in this stage since it would be done by the coding team. The resultant product would then pushed forward to a selected group of testers to conduct test cases on each module and ensure that they are all working as expected.

Sanity Testing

This would be a simple check to ensure that all the modules of the system integrate well with each other. Its main goal would be to ensure that the development team has not made conflicting definitions of global variables and several functions.

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