Complete Intro to Business TASK (WATTS)

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Writing Assignment 1:Chapter 4 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • OrganixProducts
  • Personal Responsibility and Corporate Responsibility
  • Inflated Expense Reports

If you’ve ever spent more than 60 seconds in the hair-care aisle at Walgreens

or CVS, you have likely seen products by Organix.The products by the trademarked brand are packaged in rounded, solid-color bottles with gold or black text describing signature ingredients, such as Brazilian keratin therapy, Moroccan argan oil, teatree mint shampoo.The shampoos and conditioners generally sell for between $5 and $10.In 2012, the brand generated $250 million in revenue. Despite the brand name, none of the Organix products are organic—the company doesn’t claim they are. Organix’s parent company wants to sell it, but large beauty companies like Procter & Gamble and L’Oréal, which seem like obvious buyers, are not at all interested.

Do you think Organix has an ethical issue? Why or why not?

If you were in charge of acquisitions at a beauty company, would you consider purchasing Organix?Do some research on the company, then make a decision and defend it. (25pts)

A growing number of businesses—including videogame developers, cigarette companies, soft drink producers, liquor marketers, and fast food chains—are feeling the heat from government, the press, and society at large for encouraging harmful consumer habits. But in our free market economy, people are free to choose the products they consume (within legal boundaries, of course).

Where does personal responsibility end and corporate responsibility begin?How does your response change across specific industries?What role (if any) do you believe the government should play?Develop a rationale for each of your answers. (25 pts)

You’ve just done a great job on a recent project at your company. Your boss has been very vocal about acknowledging your work and the increased revenue that resulted from it. Privately, she said that you clearly earned a bonus of at least 10%, but due to company politics, she was unable to secure the bonus for you. She also implied that if you were to submit inflated expense reports for the next few months, she would look the other way, and you could pocket the extra cash as well-deserved compensation for your contributions.

What should you do? Why? (25 pts)

4.Corporate Philanthropy

Student should develop a corporate philanthropy concept for three of the businesses listed below. Choose ideas that are likely to help the business serve the community, build employee morale, and build long-term profitability. Keep in mind that the best programs feature a close link between the firm’s product or customers and the needs of the community. A hair salon, for instance, might offer a year of free haircuts to people who donate their hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for cancer victims. To find the most creative ideas, spend a few moments brainstorming each business before you finalize your plan.

  • A city newspaper
  • A hip-hop music label
  • A computer repair service
  • A local hot dog stand
  • A leading brand of frozen pizza
  • A national department store

Student should explain how each idea will serve the community, build employee morale, and pump up the bottom line. (25pts)

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