Compose a 1250 words assignment on architecture as a means of controlling human behavior. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on architecture as a means of controlling human behavior. Needs to be plagiarism free! Christopher Day (2004) explored the theme of how architectural design affects people and places in his book ‘Places of the Soul’. Close associations are shown between architecture and our consciousness, health, and various other aspects of human life. Frumkin (2003) explored the evidence for the existence of healthy places, i.e. buildings, public spaces, etc. that could have a positive impact in terms of human health. It was found through various studies that the quality of a place, beyond its mere physical features, has important implications for public health. Architecture, therefore, has the potential to be used positively such as for promoting public health, as long as it is designed appropriately.

Supermarkets make effective use of environmental architecture in subtle ways in order to persuade shoppers to buy its products. In this case, architecture is used to control purchasing behavior. Examples of environmental factors that contribute to influencing consumer behavior in the retailing context include store layout, interior design, focused in-store lighting, color effects using bright and warm colors, and background music. A study by Richardson et al. (1996) showed that the store atmosphere does affect consumers in the case of perceptions of store brand quality. The background music also helps to create the right ambient conditions to influence consumer behavior in service environments (Oakes, 2000).

In the field of education, architecture plays a key role in Waldorf or Steiner schools and color is an important tool used for influencing student behavior. Rudolph Steiner described the color as “the soul of nature”. Thus, in a Waldorf school classroom, colors are used to support specific stages of child development.&nbsp.For example, pink is used in the nursery and kindergarten because of its innocent and loving feminine quality. The rest of the colors of the rainbow are used for the remaining classes in order, which is believed to suit the child’s development.

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