Compose a 1250 words assignment on fidel castro`s psychobiography. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on fidel castro`s psychobiography. Needs to be plagiarism free! What strikes me about Fidel Castro is his almost unique ability to control the country for half of the century and create the only socialist state in the Western hemisphere. And though the overall economic effect of his management for Cuba was very doubtful, the power of Fidel`s personality is considered really strong and magnetic. Unfortunately, it is under his management Cuba was transformed into a communist one-party state, the industry and private property were nationalized, and a number of social and educational reforms were conducted. What made an ordinary Cuban boy, a son of a farmer, so vain and eager for power? What deep-rooted complexes influenced a boy so much that he decided to refuse from normal life and become a life-long dictator obsessed with power. My assumption is that the Oedipus complex and unresolved father-son conflict turned Fidel Castro into a powerful, aggressive, and over-ambitious person.

The son of the rich farmer, Fidel was raised with his seven siblings and was the third son in his big family. It is also important to mention that his father had two children before the marriage with Fidel`s mother, so the boy`s existence in the family could have been unnoticed. His father was once a poor Spanish peasant who managed to become a wealthy farmer by buying and managing lands of sugar plantations effectively. Fidel`s mother was a simple housewife who worked at the kitchen of the father before they got married. Fidel`s parents were rather rich in Cuba though they did not have aristocrats ‘habits. Nevertheless, all of Castro`s children received a decent education. At the age of fourteen, Fidel was assigned to the college of Jesuits and his teachers recalled him as a stubborn and charismatic young man. There is one interesting fact that also characterizes Castro which attracted my attention.

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