Compose a 1250 words assignment on ideal reading program for first grade. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on ideal reading program for first grade. Needs to be plagiarism free! Individual sounds in spoken language are called phonemes (Gillon, 2012). This is where the teacher says a word phoneme by phoneme, which the students repeat in sequence. Segmentation involves a teacher saying a word and the students dividing the words into phonemes. They learn about rhythm (Armbruster, Lehr, & Osborn, 2001).

Learning phonemic awareness and language acquisition is important to first-grade students since it enables them to develop communication skills that they used throughout their stay in school. It helps the students to learn skills that will enable them to be professional. Most of the first-grade students do not know the basic communication skills and the proper use of sounds in words they use. Learning phonemics enables the students to become sensitive, attentive and more aware of speech.

It facilitates better reading and writing language skills. Phonics enhances phonemic awareness in that with the ability to hear, identify, and use basic units of language, the students can be able to read and write appropriately. It combines sound and spelling and teaches the relation between the two. It uses the alphabetic principle where the sounds of letters and the letters themselves are related to each other. Word reading becomes enhanced since there is the use of both sound and their relation to the letters (Villaume & Brabham, 2003). Its relation to “put reading first” is that in following this guideline, there is the learning of how the sound of spoken language and letters of written language relate. The children are taught this relation from an early age. The use of this is that the children are able to recognize and identify words quickly and instantly. Word study instruction involves phonics instruction and is a major in-text feature that enables&nbsp.grown-up children to acquire knowledge on phonics and use it in reading and writing.&nbsp.

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