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Compose a 250 words assignment on carlo carleis film: romeo & juliet. Needs to be plagiarism free! Romeo and Juliet (Film) Introduction Carlo Carlei’s film, Romeo & Juliet, is an adaptation of the famous William Shakespeare’s book of the same title. This is because it tackles the happenings in the film through a modern depiction of the themes and storyline. The director maintains the original Victorian language in the dialogues, but adopts modern apparatus like replacing swords with guns (Carlei, n.p). Although the movie explores the various aspects adopted from the original book, the focus shall be on the elements of love and suicide.

The movie chronicles the love affair of two teenagers from diverse wealthy families, Montagues and Capulets. Romeo meets Juliet when he attended a Caputes party, which later leads to their love relationship. The two decided to ignore their feuding cultures in order to marry each other despite pressures from their relatives (Carlei, n.p).

Love is a dominant element in the film since it forms the central position of the storyline, which helps in the plot development (Carlei, n.p). Love is evident through the relationship that builds between Romeo and Juliet that drives them to ignore their social worlds. Love also causes the conflict that happens in the film because of the brutality it brings to the families and the two young lovers (Carlei, n.p).

Suicide is manifested in the film as a resultant occurrence of a violent love relationship between the families of Romeo and Juliet. It is apparent that the two defied their social worlds in order to continue with their romantic affairs. However, suicide occurred when Juliet was given a sleeping concoction to avoid the brewing attraction to Romeo (Carlei, n.p). This led to Romeo’s suicidal action when he thought that his lover was dead and, incidentally, upon waking up and finding Romeo dead, Juliet also commits suicide.

The movie is suitable for teenage and adult audience who do not understand the dangers of love. This is because of the teachings and resultant consequences that the directors try to show through the love affair of young lovers. The move is also suitable for parent/mature viewers to help them train their children on the repercussions and benefits of determining lovers for their children love.

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