Compose a 500 words assignment on retail management career path paper. Needs to be plagiarism free!

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Compose a 500 words assignment on retail management career path paper. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Retail Management Career Path Paper According to organizational psychology, an organization does not solely owe its success to the market sentiments and competitive advantage. Human capital is the most important asset of organizational success. Although facts and figures may be the main elements of success in an organization, the ability to handle the cognitive aspects of the organization may make or break the organization. It is based on these provisions that one may understand the importance of human resource department in an organization.

This career is interesting due to the dynamics involved. It gives an individual an opportunity to interact with employees and understand their weaknesses and how to improve them (Sims, 2008). This form of skill empowerment is not only important to the organization but is also crucial in improving personal relationships.1) Required competencies.The competencies required in human resource management for this century can be split into two.a) Personal attributesb) Leadership and managing competenciesPersonal attributes.Result orientationThis is the ability of the human resource manager to maintain focus on the activities that possess the greatest potential of meeting the work commitments.

It is an attribute that allows them manager to understands and concentrate on facts that have a greater impact in the meeting of work requirementsCommitmentThis is the ability to demonstrate the initiative and individual accountability in meeting the demands of work according to the highest standards of the organizationHonesty and integrityThe human resource manager should demonstrate the highways point of business ethics and should adhere to the promotion of key values in business and personal transactionsb) Leadership and managing competenciesVisioning and alignmentThe human resource manager should be able to create and communicate organizational vision that will inspire and align the employeesStrategic thinkingThe human resource manager must actively pursue strategies and potential opportunities for the benefit for the good of the organization.2) Working conditions. While other professionals may work from their homes or in pleasant working conditions, an average human resource manager works for a standard 40 hours per week.

This is due to the requirements involved in fulfilling the role. These include organizing trainings and concentrating on improving employee output.3) Recommended professional developmentHuman resource managers are required to attend various refresher courses in handling the dynamics of manpower management. The mangers are also expected to work on their individual relation building attributes so as to ensure that they understand the needs of the organization and how to align them with the available manpower (Martin, 2008).4) AdvancementCareer advancement in the field of human resource goes to the doctorate level.

This is the highest point of academic advancement that a human resource manager can archive. There are also training sponsored by renowned human resource trainers in the world. Human resource managers’ are expected to attend such training and receive certifications that are globally recognized (Martin, 2008). The training is tailored to meet the modern requirements in the field of human resource management.5) CompensationThe compensation in this field is decided by a number of facts including. education and personal achievements.

There is no limit to the nature of compensation that a human resource manager is entitled to. The dynamic involved include the size of the organization, the requirements of the office and the strategic positioning of the organization. Some of the highest paid human resource managers earn up to 350000 dollars per month while the lowest may earn 1000 dollars per month.6) Ups and downs of the jobThere are major ups and downs of the job. one of the benefits of the job is that it builds individual understanding thereby improving once ability to deal with different people.

The other benefit is that it gives an individual the ability to exercise their creativity by coming up with ideas that fit into the requirements of the organization. The financial compensation is also a high point in this field as majority enjoys good compensation (Pieper, 2008). The low point in this profession is the working hours. While other professionals may work for fewer hours, the human resource manager works for 40 hours per week.7) LifestyleThe lifestyle of human resource professionals is modest.

They are accorded the benefit of having a company car and a company house. Others are given significant entertainment allowance that allows them to go for overseas holiday trips. In relation to working environment, the professionals are always busy holding consultative meetings with relevant parties. They are also expected to travel extensively.

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