Connectivity Media

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The company has asked you to implement a network to improve how they conduct business within the organization. The company occupies a two-story building in an office park. Their volume of business had been stable for the past three years, but has recently begun to increase. To handle the increased business volume, two new agents will be hired, along with a team of web designers and developers to create a web presence. Everyone in the company has a computer, but the business manager has the only printer. These computers are not connected by any form of network. When agents need to print a document, they must first copy the file to a USB stick and then carry it to the business manager’s computer, where they are finally able to print it. Similarly, when staff members want to share data, the only means available is to copy the data to a USB stick and insert it into another computer.

The company has been growing. It now has 50 employees in another building across the street, plus an additional branch location with 25 employees in a city located 500 miles away and does not currently have connectivity between the locations. They have contracted you to create a diagram for a connectivity solution.

Connecting devices and locations can be done through a variety of media. Begin with the diagram you created in the Week Two interactive assignment as your reference point. In a separate document, create a new connectivity diagram that connects the company’s network devices and locations. The diagram must illustrate the connectivity solution you believe will address the company’s additional requirements. (Note that your new diagram will be completely different from the diagram presented in Week Two.) Save your diagram document and attach it to your initial post. Within the body of your initial post provide an evaluation of the various networking media options for the company, and explain how each type could be used to connect the company’s resources in and between the three locations. Support your recommendations with evidence from the text and/or additional credible sources.

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