Contemporary Wind Issue Questions

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The individualization of greenhouse gas emissions has been an effective tool to help confuse and confound public discourse and opinion regarding climate change. The UTSC climate lab has contributed significantly ( to an external site.) to the continually growing number of studies that show the climate in Toronto and around the world is changing due to anthropogenic activities and the release of greenhouse gas emissions into our atmosphere.

For this assignment, you will be asked to watch the video at the link below and to answers the questions below using the information presented in the video, lecture and throughout all course material. The video will speak to the concept of carbon footprints and the ways that multi-national fossil fuel companies have worked to deflect blame and action on climate change.

BP Carbon Footprint  – Climate Town


The video presented by Climate Town suggests that climate change is an unprecedented global catastrophe that requires all of humanities immediate attention. Using information presented in lecture, list and explain 3 factors that influence climate? (Hint: refer to lectures 11 and 12)


What is a “carbon footprint” and why is the concept of acting on an individuals personal carbon footprint misleading?


Considering the information presented in lecture and the video presentation you were asked to watch by Climate Town, what do you think is a reasonable option or adaptation method that can implemented where you live? (If outside of Toronto, please specify your location).  You are free to use outside information sources such as journal articles and other information sources not assigned or presented in class.

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