Create a 16 pages page paper that discusses proposed hydroelectric power scheme in pennsylvania.

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Create a 16 pages page paper that discusses proposed hydroelectric power scheme in pennsylvania. When designing or developing a hydroelectric energy scheme, or even a power plant, there is a myriad of considerations and factors that exist, irrespective of whether the concerns are local or global. Such considerations and factors are addressed in this paper. these include technical, economic, costs, and environmental considerations, as well as the addition of generating capabilities of hydroelectric power. This paper focuses specifically on the Pennsylvania region.

Hydroelectric power or energy is generated from the energy released from waterfalls or dams. Simply put, waterfalls as a result of gravity. this results in kinetic energy which is converted into mechanical energy, which using turbines can, in turn, be converted into electrical energy that is usable. In ancient times, the Greeks generated energy by using wooden wheels to convert kinetic water energy into mechanical energy[1]. The first hydroelectric power generating plant was built in the United States of America in 1882, using fast flowing river water. In time, humans began developing dams and reservoirs to store water at locations considered convenient to utilize and exploit the power capacity and capability of water. Since then, hydroelectric power generation has overseen a myriad of transformations, both engineering and structural [2]. These resulted in a much more complicated hydroelectric energy power plant design process.

Hydroelectric energy generation plants vary based on size and location, and as such, are categorized on that basis. Particularly, they are classified based on size and fit into four different categories which include mini, small, micro, and large. For instance, a hydroelectric power generating plant that generates less than 100kW is considered as a Micro-sized plant. typically, such a capacity is enough to serve about1 to 2 houses. Then, there are the mini-sized power plants that have a power generating capacity of between 100kW and 1MW. this apparently can serve a small factory or an isolated community [2], [3].

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