Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses social classes in the endurance expedition.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses social classes in the endurance expedition. The time was perfect for human misunderstandings because World War I had just begun! The team was a mixture of different types of personalities and professionals consisting of “The old salt explorers, scientists, the crew, the photographer Frank Hurley, and other men like the carpenter, Henry McNish, “Chippy” and his cat, “Mrs.Chippy.” (Ernest Shackleton, Endurance Imperial Trans-Antarctica Expedition). How did Shackleton take care of the different social classes in his expedition?

The team was truly an international one as would be seen from the areas/nations to which they belonged. “The Nationalities of the members of the expedition were: American – 1, Australian – 1, English – 17, Irish – 3, New Zealander – 1, Scottish – 4, Welsh – 1, so the total number of the crew, including the leader of the expedition, was 28 men” (Shackleton, Endurance Imperial Trans-Antarctica Expedition).

So, in 1914, Ernest Shackleton readied his team to claim the rare prize in the history of exploration, by planning to challenge to cross on foot of the Antarctic continent. They were within eighty-five miles of the continent when their ship Endurance landed in trouble, being trapped and the pressure of the pack ice crushed it. They lost communication with the outside world, little realizing at that stage that their ordeal would last twenty months (Endurance-Shackleton’s Expedition-Antarctica Expedition).

At that time, Shackleton changed the goal of the expedition. The new goal was set to keep all of the crew members alive and return them home safely. They were stranded for twenty months under some of the harshest conditions earth can bring to bear on the human body. Winds could blow up to 80 miles an hour and temperatures could drop as low as -100° F. The men had inadequate food, clothing, and shelter. Yet, despite the seemingly unbearable trials they faced, they survived.&nbsp.

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